Boutique is the way to go… By , December 1 2015

Sharing mutually beneficial information with clients is vital.
Sending the annual anniversary congratulations card to your clients is frankly just not sufficient to cement a long lasting personal relationship. In a sea of automated emails and property alerts, the savvy clients of today are bombarded with automation from agents without providing extra value adds.
An agent will gain opportunities to list properties unopposed after providing a tailored, relevant and informative email newsletter to their clients, ensuring they are offering benefits and exceptional service with every customized campaign sent.

Each agent needs a boutique, custom designed template that will offer the brand compliance needed, with the intimacy of personalised connectivity with their clients. Many systems can send property lists, only iRealty allows you to meaningfully connect with clients in each campaign.
A quick snapshot of some of iRealty’s features include:

  • Mobile friendly custom designed template artwork
  • Patented Lead Alert Technology delivering leads information directly to your mobile
  • News feeds with locally relevant news coverage for eg: Council / Planning and Development issues
  • Pdf hosting tool for market reports
  • Video linking and survey tool for seminars and previewing invites
  • Individual subscriber profiling for analytical data behavior patterns

All of these tools will offer you the chance for lasting impressions so that the relationship stays mutually strong and ultimately leads to future personal recommendations to friends and family.

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