Better the odds with mobile friendly emails By , September 10 2015

Earlier this year Google changed the way it ranked pages for searches. If your website was not “responsive” then there was every chance your search rank would have dropped.
A responsive designed website is one where the website changes and is easily read if viewed on a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.
If you use email marketing, the same principle applies.
Your emails must adapt and change to suit the device of your contact. If readers of your email need to pinch the screen to zoom, then it’s time to go responsive and update your design.

A survey by Moveable Inc reported that in the last quarter of 2014, over 66% of people surveyed first read their email on a mobile device.
What this means is that your contacts will initially scan your email and if it is not easily read or convey a relevant message, it could be quickly discarded.
Agents who have embraced responsive or mobile friendly designs have bettered the odds of engagement. These agents have reported open rates of 35-40%, which is well above the industry average of 20%. On the back of higher open rates, your click through rates and hot leads will ultimately increase.
Responsive email designs are essential for the modern agent.
Having an easy to read email on a mobile device is important in remaining relevant and ensuring you offer your clients the most effective means of advertising their properties.

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