Case Study: Starr Partners Merrylands By , June 2 2014

Starr Partners Merrylands, is an award winning real estate office and have been in the Top 50 Sales offices in Australia over the past 2 years. This office understands the benefits of eMarketing and have been sending weekly newsletters for well over 5 years. Their subscriber list contains many thousands of contacts.
In the early days, sending a regular email newsletter was difficult! Their newsletter was created in Word, sent via Outlook and involved mostly copying and pasting. Creating and sending their newsletter would take their marketing team anywhere from 4 hours to a whole day to create and send.
That’s all in the past now.  Over a year ago, they implemented the iRealty Solution

Depending on the amount of content, their eNewsletters can now take from 15 minutes to just one hour to create and send. Moving to iRealty allows their marketing co-ordinator to be more productive and ultimately save their Principal a lot of money.
It’s not just time saving benefits that excite Sales Director Matt Carpenter. It’s the level of reporting that comes from iRealty that produces the results.
The office sends thousands of emails with an open rate over 15%. Achieving above average click throughs and boasting industry low Unsubscribe rates of only 0.1%. due to the inclusion of relevant local content with properties in their eNewsletter.
Matt says “the Lead Alerts are GOLD. They let me know instantly when a prospect or client has clicked on a property or article. Honestly, I get most excited from seeing long term clients clicking.”.
Matt believes the iRealty system is key to their offices’ success! “We are miles ahead of our competition because we are consistently being seen! The weekly eNewsletter is a subtle, effective way to stay in front of prospects and clients”.

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