Remain your client’s trusted informer By , December 15 2013

Communicating regularly with your database is going to get you through 2014 and beyond.
New Year Resolutions – it’s imperative to set your goals for the year – the act of striving to be even better than you were the year before.
The ability to undertake a challenge and be proud to have achieved that goal is paramount to moving forward in your business.
The real estate professional who sets a goal to achieve constant engagement with their database is able to achieve growth through a simple commitment to stay in touch.

The definition of engagement; “an obligation or an agreement” with another is your commitment to your clients. Information sharing is paramount to the world we live in and if you are not able to remain your client’s trusted informer, unfortunately another agent will be chosen for that engagement.
This is why iRealty, the dedicated communication solution for real estate professionals, is vitally important to the survival of your business. Professional, versatile, cost-effective relationship building solutions to ensure your clients are habitually receiving information from you – their trusted advisor.
It is no surprise a number of top performers have been clients of iRealty for a number of years. Their strength of continually achieving repeat referral business is evident by the turnover of the properties they sell.
There is little need for spending a large amount of your hard earned dollars on letterbox drops where the gain is very difficult to statistically measure.
iRealty will allow you to constantly review your campaigns and with the patented lead alert technology, you will be fully informed as to the profile and interest level of your clients within your database.

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