Features Designed to Simplify and Impress

iRealty provides everything you need to deliver stunning emails with minimal effort, while supplying invaluable intelligence.


Email Creator

With iRealty’s email creator, you can craft a stunning, custom branded campaign in minutes that will look great on every device. Simply select the content, including: personalised messages, your latest properties, YouTube videos, and relevant articles that will keep your contacts engaged.

Lead Alerts

Discover the buyers and sellers in your database the moment they show interest through their digital footprint. We track your contact’s interactions and notify you immediately when they request your service or demonstrate special interest in your listings and services.

SMS Delivery

Supplement your digital communication strategy by delivering trackable SMS campaigns. With an average open rate of 98%, and a click rate around 32%, SMS messaging will simultaneously increase your reach, improve your client’s engagement, and supplement your digital communication strategy.

Smart insights

Automatically receive tips and insights from your own email campaign data to help you improve the results of your marketing efforts. We analyze your sending patterns, deliverability, open rates, click rates, and lead rates  to determine ways you can adjust your campaigns to deliver greater reach, engagement and conversion.

Automated Segmentation

iRealty segments your database based on your campaigns reach, engagement, and leads. This means you can customise your communication to groups according to their interaction, making your emails more relevant and dramatically increase your overall conversion.

Content Library

Display your expertise by delivering the precise content your audience craves. Pick from thousands of real estate articles, local news stories, entertainment, and even seasonal recipes. iRealty will seamlessly arrange the article preview, including a trackable link to the hosted site.

Social Media Integration

Share your listings, market reports, or articles directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to enlarge your audience, reach your clients on multiple platforms, and track the views on each system. As well, direct all subscribers to the social media site of the office or their agent.

Forms & Surveys

Create custom forms and surveys to send to your subscribers and stay updated with their preferences and increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Use the results to categorise your subscribers and keep them engaged with relevant content designed for them.

Campaign Reporting

Monitor the effectiveness of each campaign by using iRealty’s advanced reporting features. Our reports display the data simply to help you understand your audience, and the performance of each email in terms of opens, clicks, leads and conversion. With iRealty, it’s simple to receive an automated report after each campaign.

Subscriber Profile

Capture insights from your clients previous activity to increase your understanding and improve your relationships. iRealty’s Client Profiles display helpful information like suburbs viewed, price range, and an ideal property so you can learn where your clients currently stand on their real estate journey, and develop specialised campaigns just for them.