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A few questions to increase your marketing ROI

Ever feel like you spend hours on your digital marketing and don’t see the return that you feel that you deserve? If you answered yes, it could mean you are not optimising your digital marketing to the best of its ability. Although digital marketing goals will differ, most relate directly with these 3 key ideas (or at least they should); […]

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Case Study: A conversation with Anthony Tripodi from Belle Property Newtown

A brief conversation with Anthony Tripodi from Belle Property Newtown. iRealty teamed up with Anthony nearly a year ago to provide digital marketing services designed to build brand awareness through social media, engage contacts through email marketing, and identify leads using both channels. […]

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How to use leads to win more listings

Goal Help Australian real estate agents list and sell more properties by generating and converting leads. Steps Understand how an effective CRM and smart email marketing system produce qualified leads from your own database. Plan and execute actions required to convert leads to listings and sales. Overview What is a good “real estate lead” and how can I use them to grow my business? […]

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3 ways to win more listings and keep vendors happy

According to real estate tech company Gavl, managing vendor expectations is the greatest challenge agents face in 2018, besides winning new listings. Last year’s market slowdown is thought to be a major cause, as homeowners base their expectations on the previous 5 years historic price growth. Justin Nickerson, a spokesperson for Gavl, added that marketing was part of the problem as well. “Properties will need a multi-tiered strategy that can be measured and bring in results, and unfortunately, many agents lack the skills or technologies to ensure success in this area.” [...]

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