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Are your marketing efforts hurting you?

Anyone who is older than the iPod will know how transformative technology has been for businesses over the last twenty years.  Nowhere is this more obvious than the world of marketing, and the real estate industry is not immune to these changes. It’s common knowledge that today’s market requires a digital presence, which is why most offices readily adopt the latest gadgets and apps.  Do you have a website?  Of course!  Facebook?  Obviously…  Blog?  Check…  Instagram?  Yep…  Myspace?  No comment…  Harder question: Do you know the role each one plays in [...]

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Make the Most of your Time

You already know what you need to do.  It’s obvious.  You need to meet with new clients and hold on to the old ones. It’s the how that’s the hard part. To put it simply, you are busy.  To put it accurately, there isn’t enough daylight to possibly accomplish everything in your overloaded schedule.  Between phone calls, paperwork, chasing appraisals, racing to appointments and delivering effective marketing, there just are not enough hours in the day.  Something inevitably gets shoved to the back of the shelf with other items of good intentions, like follow up [...]

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Building Trust with your Audience

For efficiency and effectiveness, the digital market is impossible to beat. Within a single newsletter we can walk our clients through dozens of properties and offer countless services; all they have to do is click. Yet, currently the average open rate for real estate email marketing is 21%. Nearly 80% of our audience is walking straight past our eMarket without bothering to stop and take a look! One reason for this is our tendency to focus on our content, and forgetting to develop a relationship with our clients. So what’s the [...]

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5 Ways to Improve any Subject Line

You’ve spent hours crafting your newsletter.  You have chosen specific properties and found relevant articles that will appeal to your readers.  You even updated your old headshot with a recent photo and replaced the banner image with a stunning beach landscape.  It’s sleek and fresh, and you know it will leave an impact with your readers.  So, when you open your report the following day, you are surprised to learn your open rate continued its downward trend.  What happened? […]

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The Sound and Fury of Modern Marketing

  It seems like Ferris Bueler’s iconic maxim, “Life moves pretty fast,” has become a bit of an understatement.  From the moment we wake up we are constantly bombarded with media from all angles.  We hardly have a chance to breath, let alone make rational choices.  In terms of marketing, our message has to stand out more than ever.  Every ad we place before our clients must engage them, and wrestle their focus away from the countless distractions that are fighting for their attention.  If our content is not captivating our [...]

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Cutting through the gadgets to make a real connection with clients

You need a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, ideally a network, a CRM, an online presence, online analytics, social media platforms, apps, and oh yeah: once you have it you need to maintain it! – It is easy to see why realtors feel overwhelmed and are often up in arms about finding the right strategy for dealing and engaging with clients in the digital age. Yet, rest assured there remain ways to do it well. […]

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Who are millennials and how should I sell to them?

Millennials are the generation ranging in age between 16 and 35 years old. Generally in this group are the children of Baby Boomers, Gen Y, as well as the first generation to not remember life before the internet and other tech. Though all generations have encountered unique challenges while growing up, millennials also have unparalleled opportunities that were largely unavailable prior. Generally they have a strong education and global awareness, along with the capacity for a high level of disposable income. […]

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The need for speed-to-lead

In today’s digital world the marketing possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Having a fear of technology or change could be seriously holding you back in terms of growing your business, and ironically may be taking away from your face-to-face time. […]

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Target market like a pro

We encourage our clients to send regularly, and are often asked ‘but won’t my readers get sick of receiving my emails?’. They will if the content is irrelevant to their situation, but if your client fits into specific or multiple segments and you don’t take the time to note that, you may miss out on a lead. Contacts can be assigned to one or multiple groups or mailing lists. Some examples are: […]

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How to get the best results from your client newsletter

Implementing these easy, yet effective techniques will ensure your newsletter is engaging and well received by your contacts – meaning you’re front of mind when they decide to move in the market. […]

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