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Print vs Digital Marketing: The perks for Real Estate

If you ask anyone, I bet they’ll admit that digital marketing is the future. Despite this, a lot of agents still allocate over half of their marketing budgets on print media. I was astounded when a client told me that they spent over $6,000 per month on print media alone. This is just shy of 10 times more than the average digital marketing spend. With this in mind, if print media is on the way out, what digital marketing tactics should agents adopt to improve their strategy? And what are the [...]

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A few questions to increase your marketing ROI

Ever feel like you spend hours on your digital marketing and don’t see the return that you feel that you deserve? If you answered yes, it could mean you are not optimising your digital marketing to the best of its ability. Although digital marketing goals will differ, most relate directly with these 3 key ideas (or at least they should); […]

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Email or Social Media Marketing?

What’s better for real estate agents, social media or email marketing? Both. If you’re focusing your marketing efforts on a single solution you may be wasting your time. According to Litmus, businesses without an integrated digital marketing approach, meaning both social media and email, will have decreased success in reaching their marketing goals. This makes sense, given your clients wide range of preferences. Some prefer simple emails with your latest listings. Others prefer 360° images on Facebook. Only by offering both can you maximise your audience. Yet, a disconnected strategy may [...]

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3 Statistics You Need to Know

Email marketing is one of your most effective tools to stay connected with your contacts. It builds trust and keeps you top of mind when they decide to enter the real estate market. Email’s effective because it helps you communicate with a massive audience at a relatively low cost and time commitment. Campaign Monitor says every dollar you spend can generate a $44 dollar ROI. However, there is more to email marketing than building a newsletter and clicking “Send.” Your campaign statistics are arguably your most valuable resource in terms of [...]

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The Advantages of a Fresh Database

You already know your database is one of your greatest assets. Yet, if you are like many of our clients, you also know how quickly they become outdated.  These days, when your subscriber’s information can change in a heartbeat, keeping a current contact list is a major challenge.  People can update their email addresses, names and living situations at any time.  According to recent studies, 50% of your database is obsolete within a year. If your contact’s details are out of date, you reach fewer people and run the risk of [...]

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